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Rachel is pleased to announce she has been appointed as
Performing Arts
Roundhouse Resident Artist 2017/2018.


From June - September 2017,  Rachel will be shapeshifting on the river Thames during an exciting talent development residency with Thames Festival Trust.

As a "Boat Poet", Rachel will spend time on a variety of different river vehicles and will be working with her host organisation Livett's and sister company Thames Luxury Charters.

Totally Thames, a festival celebrating the history of the river, will feature Rachel performing the piece inspired by her residency  - check the event page for more information.

Friday 11th August,

Come and see Rachel's emerging collective None Of The Above in their debut show
"Application Status: PENDING" at
Rich Mix Cultural Foundation in East London.

Event is free but booking is advised! 
Click here for more info.

Design: John Akinde

Design: John Akinde

In March 2017, Rachel was the first International Poet to be specially invited to Mexico to take part in what proved to be a life-changing two weeks as Poet-In-Residence.


"The passion this woman has in her poetry makes me smile as wide as my jaws will allow “
- Hollie McNish

"Rachel Nwokoro, such an electric and beautifully worded poet”
- Patrick Cash

"Rachel Nwokoro uses her voice and actions beautifully..... This is more than sarcasm – cleverer and with a message : This is what you thought of me, but this is what I am. It is a talented display of what a performer can bring to a piece.”
- John Wheeler

"I haven't been moved by poetry like that since I saw Amy León. Only other time a poet has literally had me in tears."
- Phoebe Petridis

“Rachel Nwokoro is a fist fight at the Women's Institute. Her poetry is uncompromising, fiery and unflinching. A charming assassin. Go see her.”
- Joelle Taylor

“Breaktakingly adept at cutting right to the heart of everything she tackles. Rachel is an incredible writer, a spell-binding performer and a wonderful human being.”
- Matt Cummins

“She’s alright.”
- Her Brothers



Dear Damsels 

Thandie kay

Mental Health Justice

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1989 Productions

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Photo Credit: STEPHEN RUSSELL, TV5 Monde, Stonewall UK, KRis SAAR