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Funeral Flowers by Emma Dennis-Edwards

"Emma Dennis-Edwards is astonishing in this definition of important, powerful theatre.”

Between July and August 2018, Rachel was employed by Power Play Theatre Activists as the Director for a play written and performed by Emma Dennis-Edwards called Funeral Flowers. Originally commissioned by The Royal Court Theatre as a part of Tottenham Festival, the play is currently supported by The Pleasance Theatre and Clean Break and has just completed a full length run at Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Funeral Flowers takes you inside the world of Angelique, a young black woman caught within the foster care system who dreams of becoming a florist.

Staged within the confines of a real house, Funeral Flowers is a witty portrayal of adolescence, and the repercussions of a system in crisis.

The play is part of Power Play’s site-specific showcase (all written, directed by and predominantly starring women). It runs alongside their Fringe survey and data activism campaign, which aims to analyse and expose gender inequality in fringe and grassroots theatre.

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In edinburgh it was on the Fringe *sold out* list every day and has received glowing reviews.the team is currently in conversations about a transfer, if this would interest you please get in touch here.


★★★★ The Scotsman

"Her lyrical spoken word clashes with hip hop’s staccato rhythms and pulls her forward like the lifeline she needs." ★★★★★ Marbles

“Impassioned, urgent storytelling like this deserves a big audience.” ★★★★★ To Do List


"Beautifully written in a poetic but conversational style, Funeral Flowers is an unforgettable, intense experience, skilfully directed by Rachel Nwokoro. Thanks to a deceptively light but deeply moving solo performance by Dennis-Edwards, this is one of the highlights of this year’s Edinburgh Fringe."  ★★★★★ British Theatre

"...wonderfully performed" "very visually poetic"  EXEUNT