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Written by David Hare and Howard Brenton

Director: Jennifer Tang
Designer: Helen Coyston
Lighting Designer: Zia Bergin-Holly
Sound Designer: David Gregory
Assistant Director: Barney McElholm
Location: Studio Theatre 

Set in Thatcher’s booming 1980s London, Pravda is a black comedy exploring press integrity and its limitations through a hilarious battle between an unscrupulous newspaper magnate, Le Roux, and her idealistic editor, Andrew May. The play follows Le Roux as she buys up Fleet Street's papers, using them to serve her political and financial whims and test the willpower and principles of May to breaking point. This hard-hitting satire, by two of the most provocative playwrights of our time, examines the public's insatiable appetite for sensationalism and the ever present friction between what we need to know and what we like to be told.

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27th November - 1st December - 7.30pm.

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Earlier Event: July 9
Later Event: April 15
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