I won't be marching today.

Firstly, before my sister decapitates me: Happy 2nd birthday to the only true love of my life - my niece, Layla.

Full disclosure, I'll be puttng most of the little energy I have into loving this mini me today and conserving the rest. 

However, my thoughts and solidarity are with my brothers, sisters and non binary fam, marching against injustice today.

To be honest, I had my reservations about this march. The little that people spoke about the original Million Woman March in '97, the March on Washington in '63 and even the Million Man March in '95 which were primarily meant to be tools that activists of colour used to focus on civil rights, economic and social equality and the myriad of issues faced by our community... well, it made me uneasy.


 White feminism felt well and truly at work. 

Another whitewashing of history that I am not okay with.

Queen Audre Lorde says "there is no hierarchy of oppression" but I admit that I struggle to march with white allies with seemingly no knowledge of the history behind these movements.

However, from what I have seen, organisers and leaders in the march have (in London at least) involved prominent Activist of Colour organisations in the protest and put racial equality, bigotry and Islamophobia as key issues that they are marching for. I can just hope that the same awareness is present globally.

And I'll hope that our voices will be heard while conserving my energies for the longer fight. Today I will surround my angel of a niece Layla with love and whispers of a better future for her than our present. 

While marching, remember the importance of your health, self care and endurance - we've, sadly, got years of the struggle to navigate and there is more to be done beyond today. I'm really thinking of you all.


The black woman is tired.

Stand with us. 

I stand with you.

We will be heard. 

#womensmarch #marchforjustice

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