Boxing Daze: 3 Poems.

Merry Christmas.

Let's get that out of the way.
Because it's over now.
But somehow...

 Normality hasn't quite resumed.

Here is a poem in 3 parts for all of us lost in this ether between Christmas Day and New Years.

Good luck to us all.

And may whatever way we procrastinate be appropriately fruitless and time-consuming. 

Part 1 - Post Christmas hazy days require warm socks and poetry. 
I can provide one. 

Part 2 - If you're that one in the family that just wants everyone to get through the day in one piece and you don't mind how because... #nottodaysatan

Part 3 - It's a logistical, emotional, political and intestinal minefield... Would you do it again?

If anything, be amused by the video thumbnails...

Peace and love during this season.
Whatever it means to you, let it mean it.
You don't have to be happy. 

You can just be.